Aloha is an all-natural brand with an extensive skincare, haircare amd bodycare range founded by Dr. Rejitha Nandini . All of its products are handcrafted in India with only the best natural and certified ingredients. Our brand's philosophy is rooted in crafting products that are natural, safe, and offer long-term benefits using nature, science, and a touch of mommy magic, crafted with love.

Like our brand, our inspiration comes from a pure, natural place called "MOTHERHOOD." You are unwilling to make compromises when raising a family and will go to any length to do what is best for them. When my daughter had "DRY SKIN ISSUES”, there was a lot more I could do after learning that most "natural" products contain unnecessary, synthetic ingredients (paraben/sulphates etc) which is harmful to our body ).

With a diploma in cosmetic making, I was inspired to start researching natural skin ingredients. The skin has always been my favorite topic. After extensive research and hand made products I was able to alleviate my daughter's skin problem to some extent. My formulations are rooted in the rich Indian heritage with proven success for many skin issues for others.

What began as a hobby became a passion!!" Many of the beauty formulas you use are made by people. People like me. We believe the time has come for beauty to evolve.People are finally realising that using natural ingredients is better for us and the environment. We carefully design and handcraft each product in batches with a small team of artisans.  

This enables us to ensure our products are of the highest quality and to maximise the freshness of the precious oils, butters and extracts.
 We want you to have joyful everyday moments when you use our aloha products because they have uplifting scents, delicious textures, and effective natural results. We hope you enjoy using your aloha products as much as we have enjoyed creating them. The best part of our job is hearing that our products have made a difference in someone's life.